Transport Planning

Transport Master Plans  
  • Transport corridors
  • Citywide networks
  • National and regional strategic network
Multimodal Operations  
  • Multimodal network development: road, public transport, walking and cycling networks
  • Intermodal connections for road, rail, air, and sea transport, and freight and logistics facilities
Transport Policies  
  • Transport innovation strategies
  • Feasibility studies and business briefs
Public Transport Systems  
  • System and technology selection
  • Strategic consulting, land use planning, and program management

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Management Schemes  
  • Development of comprehensive traffic simulation frameworks
  • Concept design of traffic management interventions
Traffic Impact Studies  
  • Trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, traffic assignment and modelling
  • Access/egress and circulation strategies
Pedestrian Circulation Studies  
  • Pedestrian movement analysis and trip generation
Parking Studies  
  • Parking demand calculations and circulation schemes
  • Way finding and parking management strategies
Transport and Traffic Safety  
  • Road safety strategies and road safety audits
  • Traffic calming and road safety mitigation measures

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Concepts Methodologies and Application  
  • ITS concepts, methodologies, applications and proof of concepts
Fleet Management systems  
Public Transport(Rail/Bus) Management systems  
Advanced traffic management systems design  
  • Arterial management systems
  • Freeway management systems
  • Enforcement assistance systems
  • Incident management systems
  • Information management systems
Advanced Parking management systems design  
Transport & Traffic Management Centres  

Transport Engineering

Corridor Studies and Route Selection  
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Socioeconomic studies
Fundamental & Detailed Highway Designs  
  • Expressways, urban and rural roads
  • Complex grade-separated interchanges and junctions
  • Motorway facilities: parking, maintenance and service areas
Signing & Marking Schemes  
  • Safety installations
  • Variable Message Signage
Drainage Systems Design  
Utilities Relocation Schemes  
Environmental Impact Assessments  
Tender and Construction Documents  
Project Management  
Construction Supervision  

GIS Applications

GIS based asset management applications  
Geographical Database design and administration  
GIS Mapping  
Data Collection, mining and analysis  
Custom GIS based-applications